Our Commitment

Bairds Windows Ltd endeavours to be as Green as possible but being in such a rural area it is often difficult to access the same recycling facilities as urban areas travelling these rural areas can often be lengthy. We try to plan jobs to be in similar areas and never make unnecessary journeys to minimise travelling as much as possible. We are always looking for new ways to be more environmentally friendly.

Waste Management

High quality lead free PVC-u eco-friendly materials are used in our products resulting in our windows and doors being very low maintenance. PVC-u, Cardboard, plastic, glass and some wood is collected by Alex Scott Waste Management. Alex Scott Waste Management holds a Zero Waste Scotland Accreditation and due to the meticulous screening process, is able to recycle over 75% of waste collected.


Sawdust is recycled by turning it into briquette’s which in turn is either burnt to heat the factory or sold in 20KG bags. (If the briquetter is not working or in the summer months sawdust is then donated to local liveries to be recycled for bedding). Timber off cuts and waste is again burnt to heat the factory.

Aluminium, iron and steel products are recycled and all consumer waste is deglazed and stripped ready to be collected or recycled.

Energy Management

Lights and machines are turned off in areas not in use.


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